Andrew Pallant

Software & Web Developer

Skills & Offerings

Design / Build
  1. ASP.NET Web Form Applications
  2. dotNET MVC Applications
  3. Microsoft SQL Database
  4. MySQL Database
  5. AngularJS, jQuery, Javascript
  6. HTML, HTML5
  1. Amazon
  2. eBay
  3. Big Commerce
  4. EDI Feeds
  5. Banking Systems
  6. Calendar Systems
Services / Management
  1. Customized User & Client Portal
  2. Online Integrated Reporting
  3. Amazon & eBay Integration
  4. Website, Software and Database Design and Development
  5. Software and Website Testing
  6. Project Management
  7. Business and Needs Analysis.

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Importance of Building Internal Tools

I recently sat through a few meetings where we described doing the same thing many times and in the same way. I was seeing a pattern that could be automated. Since seeing a pattern, I began to think about tools I could build that would replace these repetitive multiple step processes.

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What People Are Saying [See all Comments]

Andrew is passionate about technology and building great software. Though he enjoys being hands-on and doing development directly, Andrew is also a strong mentor and relishes seeing his reports develop as technologists and as team leaders. He is very keen about staying on top of the latest technologies, is involved in local technology peer groups and encourages his reports to participate as well.

Though his primary responsibility is for developing packaged software, Andrew is very comfortable working directly with clients and brings a client-centric approach to his products.

Andrew is a dedicated employee, was absolutely dependable as a report and am I very glad to have had the opportunity to work with him for four years.

Chris Palmer - Principal Consultant ( Palmer Solutions Consulting )

January 13, 2020
As the Vice President, Professional Services at Doxim I worked closely with Andrew on a number of occasions over two years. In his role as Director, R&D it was important that we were able to collaborate on what was best for everyone; clients, product road map, and the implementation team. Andrew was very open to this approach and easy to work with.

I looked to Andrew for advice due to his deep technical product knowledge and open door attitude. It would be a pleasure to work with him in the future.

Leona Elliott - Solutions Delivery Leader - Director - Software Executive

January 5, 2020
I had the pleasure of working for Andrew for 3 years, he is the best manager I’ve ever had at an office. In all that time he was never just someone’s boss but a leader. He was always willing to take the time to help and direct, patient and understanding of an individual’s needs and their skill sets. He always worked to better himself, willing to listen to feedback about how he could improve to be a more effective leader. In that 3 years he helped me grow not only as a professional but as an individual and I hope to have the pleasure of working with him in the future.

Scott Masterson - Software Developer ( ZTR )

December 18, 2019
Andrew is an excellent software architect. Because of his many years of experience in software development, he knows a variety of creative solutions and he ensures the system does what the client needs it to do. In addition, his experience leading teams means that he can also build and lead the teams to do the required work. During the time I have worked for Andrew he has always been encouraging and invested in my success. It is fair to say that my career progression under Andrew was a direct result of his advice and mentoring. If you are looking for someone to oversee your project while leading the teams that will see it through to completion, hire Andrew!

James Dunford - Software Developer - Team Lead ( Doxim )

December 18, 2019
Andrew proved to be a valuable member of our organization during his tenure with us. Was sorry to see him move to another organization however happy to say I still tap into his knowledge periodically to this day.

Bill King - General Manager | VP Sales - ( Thinq Technologies LTD DBA DirectDial.com )

December 18, 2019
I had the pleasure of working with Andrew for two years at the Doxim, collaborating on several projects. Andrew is wonderful to work with, and has exceptional expertise in leadership, coaching, motivation. He consistently demonstrated a solid work ethic at Doxim and dedication to success. Andrew is dedicated, self-motivated, methodical, and very capable. He is not only a reliable and forward thinking Manager but also an inspiring team player.

Adeel Al Islam - Lead .Net Implementation Specialist - ( Doxim )

December 17, 2019
I have worked with Andrew for a few years now. I can say that he is one of the finest managers I have worked with. Andrew is an effective coder and a great leader, and even under pressure gets the job done. He has also been a great mentor to myself and others in the office.

I would recommend Andrew to lead any team without reservation.

Ryan Johnston - Customer Support Team Lead - ( Doxim )

December 17, 2019
I have had the privilege of working with Andrew in several projects where he has been key to the success of the project. Andrew inspires everyone working with him with his passion for delivering the best product; for the success of the company and every team member. He has a keen ability in creating a work environment in which team members are able to grow and excel in their roles. Andrew is a skilled motivator who leads by example, he is a great asset to the organization and his team.

Sam Aghigh - Senior Project Manager - Financial Industry ( Doxim )

September 16, 2019
Andrew is a very hard working, open and respectful director. He does his best to fill gaps where he sees them - whether it's resource constraints, time constraints, or technical constraints, Andrew always does his best to help address these to move the various departments along.

Andrew has been very good working with other departments such as Professional Services - he listens to our concerns and helps to the best of his ability.

I work and coordinate with Andrew on almost a daily basis, and even though our goals may be at a crossroads at times, we find a common ground that works for both of our departments.

I do not think that we could have any better person in place to direct our R&D team than Andrew!

Dawid Zalewski - Software Developer at Great-West Life

April 19, 2018
Andrew is an excellent Director of R&D and always goes above and beyond to ensure his team and co-workers are happy, at the same time delivering great products. While I had worked in the professional service team at Doxim I had the chance to work 1-on-11 with Andrew many times when deploying and debugging different levels of software bugs. Andrew was always willing to mentor myself and many others to ensure we have a full understanding of the R&D Projects. Andrew was a primary go-to resource for employees in the Professional Service team, and he would always make time in his busy schedule to help us out when needed, both for helping debug or deploy solutions, or just to have a chat about how things are going – even if it meant working late hours.

His skills with working in an Agile .NET workshop are extremely impressive and can be viewed as someone who has a true passion for his work.

Justin Zygor - SQL Developer at Sifton

July 12, 2018
Andrew has the ability to take abstract project requirements and craft effective solutions that just work. Andrew worked very well with my team and was able to help everyone involved understand why a specific approach was taken.

Jonathan Kochis - Partner at ResIM (web and mobile development)

May 14, 2014
Andrew Pallant is passionate about Toastmasters and in his role as VP of Membership he was instrumental in creating new material to increase membership, while also being the club expert and mentor for helping members improve their communication skills using electronic aids. Andrew is a valuable asset to London Western and I am happy to endorse his work. I am delighted that he is now the club president and I look forward to working with him in this role to an even greater extent as Area 71 Governor this year. I am confident that with Andrew as the leader, London Western will continue to grow and help members achieve excellence. Thank you Andrew!

Sue Storie - Past Division S Education Ambassador, Toastmasters International

July 26, 2012
Increasing awareness was always one of the goals of this conference and thanks to your generosity, we were once again able to make the weekend happen. So, on behalf of the committee and all participants, I want to thank you for stepping up to the plate when we really needed your kind of expertise. You really made a difference. Because of the website, people were able to view the details of the conference and link to the online registration. We heard lots of people comment on the ease of access – and how nice and simple the new website looked. Thanks to you. -

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Nora Rothschild, S-LP, Reg. C.A.S.L.P.O. - Speech-Language Pathologist, Augmentative Communication Consultation Service

June 12, 2013
Andrew is unlike any other I've ever worked with in his field. He is highly skilled and experienced in his profession and will never shy away from going the extra mile to ensure a quality product or solution. On top of that, his knowledge of social media is a definite asset and his insight on how Marketing and Design individuals work/think makes a world of difference. Second to none. Andrew is easy to work with, get along with and communicate with. A true professional who isn't above enjoying a good laugh. A true asset to any team he joins - my blood-pressure is sure to go up if ever I find myself not working on the same team as Andrew.

True story. :)

Jas Romain - Creative Direction & Lead/Senior Designer, Thinq Technologies

June 4, 2012
I have learned more in 2 months working with Andrew than I have learned in 2 years with other IT professionals.

In an industry where Social media is still new to many, Andrew is a true expert.

Professional, team player, leads by example, always willing to lend a hand. A true asset to any company or organization.

Kevin G. Douglas - Marketing Manager, Thinq Technologies

April 20, 2012
Andrew's technical wizardary shines through in all that he does as webmaster of London Western's website. With the planned additions that Andrew has made, the website is now a more valuable communications and leadership asset.

Mark Phipps - President, London Western (4189), Toastmasters International

August 2, 2011
Andrew is a very resourceful individual in his field. On occasions where I was stuck or needed guidance relating to our computer programs, settings, and software/website development. Andrew was very quick and responsive to provide a solution. He is also a very dedicated family man & a good guy to have on the BBQ. I highly recommend Andrew and his work.

Rob Ashmore - International Freight Manager, Link+ Corporation

April 18, 2012
In addition to being an excellent programmer, Andrew is a very astute businessman. His vast knowledge of the most up-to-date computer happenings, combined with his entrepreneurial spirit make him an asset to our company. We often collaborate on projects; his ability to create solutions that address the needs of both our clients and our business give me peace of mind that the job will be done right. I recommend his services without hesitation.

Sebastian Gerber - CCS, Account Executive, Link+ Corporation

July 9, 2010
It is pleasure to work with Andrew and he is a good leader also. He has both technical and management skill. He would be a person of great standing for any team or company

Paul Chen - Senior Developer, Buckland Customs Brokers

July 9, 2010
Andrew always maintained a healthy relationship with clients, had good attention to detail in his programming projects and a desire to improve our core products with current technologies and techniques. His ambition and contributions gave synergy to our team.

Darren Jerrard - Senior Software Developer, Iciniti Corporation

June 7, 2012
My experience working with Andrew has shown me that he is knowledgable and proffessional. I recall that the management leaned on him when they needed a tough problem solved.

Jeff Dease - Senior Software Developer, Iciniti Corporation

December 28, 2010
Andrew was a hard working and caring employee with excellent development skills. He managed many successful projects for Iciniti and had a good working relationship with our customers.

Bill Parkinson - President, Iciniti Corporation

May 31, 2010

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