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Andrew J. Pallant

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As a Senior IT professional, I have led executive operations in software development for CRM, loan origination, account onboarding, payment processing, and reporting/analytics products across the FinTech industry. I have also established and administered SaaS and eCommerce systems for security, scalability, and infrastructure. My career has been hands-on with C#, VB.Net, Java, PHP, and many other languages. I have also worked with AWS, Azure, and private cloud environments from a DevOps perspective and architecture.

  • Experienced in e-commerce design and development. Always developing innovative solutions.
  • Outstanding success in customer support, analysis, and efficient solutions.
  • Especially well organized with a track record that demonstrates self-motivation, creativity, and initiative to achieve both personal and corporate goals.
  • Lead with Data, Driven by Passion.

Education and Training

2003 Stock Market Technical Analysis, John Copp, London, Ontario

Extensive look into how to draw and analyze stock charts. Instruction and practice in discovering trends and indicators.

2001 Introduction to .NET Programming, Microsoft, Detroit, Michigan

A highly intense look at the .NET framework and how to program in different languages. Introduction to hand held computer programming, application programming and data manipulation.

2000 Advanced Website Design, University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario

A look at what constitutes a good web design. Look at trends, colors and fonts, which promote user readability.

1999 NT Administration Certification, CompuMaster, London, Ontario

Instruction for maintaining a stable reliable system. How to calculate proper IP and subnet mask setups. How to properly plan an effective network.

1996 Computer Programming Diploma, Georgian College, London, Ontario

Extensive look at business programming, software development and design skills, including Accounting, Marketing and Co-op.

Technical Skills

Web Development
MVC Intermediate
Ajax Intermediate
jQuery Intermediate
AngularJS Intermediate
Bootstrap Intermediate
ASP, JSP Expert
PHP Intermediate
JavaScript / VBScript Expert
W3C Standards Expert
Web Accessibility Standards Intermediate
Web Development Expert
Web Usability Intermediate
WordPress Intermediate
Database Development
Database Design Expert
MS Access Intermediate
MySQL Intermediate
SQL2000, 2005, 2008 Intermediate
Software Development
.Net Expert
ASP.NET Expert
C#, VB.NET, J# Intermediate
VisualStudio 2003, 2005, 2008, 2010 Intermediate
Visual Basic 4.0 - 6.0 Expert
Java Expert
General Skills
JIRA Intermediate
Clarizen Intermediate
SVN Intermediate
SuccessFactors Beginner
Team Foundation Intermediate
Project Management Intermediate
Business and Needs Analysis Intermediate
System Design Expert
All Windows Platforms Expert
XML Expert
Linux ( Ubuntu ) Intermediate
VMWare / Citrix Xen Server Intermediate
Synergize Intermediate
ClearOS Beginer
TrixBox Intermediate
GFI Fax Server Intermediate

Professional Experience

Vice President of Platform Experience

Oct 2023 - April 2024 :: ASAPP Financial Technology, Toronto, Ontario
  • Team Management: Worked closely with the team in India by helping guide in solving issues and setting priorities.
  • Customer Support: I supported and guided the Tier 1 Support team in solving customer issues quickly. I also support customer escalation of projects and support issues. Since taking over the role, I have decreased the backlog of tickets by nearly 50%.
  • Customer Relations: Defined customers’ needs for future enhancements. Participate in customer meetings and visits.
  • Sales Support: Supported sales and business development teams.
  • Industry Engagement: Participated in conferences and trade shows.

Vice President, Platform Development

Oct 2022 - Oct 2023 :: ASAPP Financial Technology, Toronto, Ontario
  • Leadership: Managed the development and quality of the OXP platform, ensuring world-class performance for client-partners.
  • Collaboration: Collaborated with cross-functional teams to drive successful implementation of innovative solutions.
  • Team Management: Fostered a culture of excellence in managing offshore development teams, ensuring on-time project delivery and maintaining high coding standards that satisfied product requirements.
  • Vendor Management: Worked closely with vendors to ensure seamless integration of their solutions, enhancing the platform’s functionality and user experience.
  • IT Support: Contributed to IT and DevOps functions, supporting deployments, maintenance, and reviews. Organized tasks for the team, increasing deployment efficiencies by 40%.
  • Customer Support: Assisted Tier 1 & 2 Support teams to ensure exceptional service and issue resolution.
  • Quality Assurance: I worked closely with Quality Assurance Developers, defining requirements and guiding the team in automating test cases. This resulted in improved regression testing times for our internal and external teams.

Vice President, Software Development

Oct 2016 - Present :: Doxim, London, Ontario
  • Leadership: Led a high-performance team of 120+ engineers, QA, product owners, and technical support staff across India, Canada, and the United States. Implemented Scrum and Agile practices with the teams along with the associated tools.
  • Talent Acquisition: I assisted in recruiting qualified talent for security, compliance, and executive roles. I also scaled the CEM team from 2 to 50 and the payment team from 1 to 60 onshore/offshore developers.
  • KPI Development: Spearheaded development and deployment of corporate-wide KPIs for engineering and IT teams while collaborating with key members of executive management.
  • Quality Assurance: Initiated policies to decrease the escape bug count by 40%. Introduced and implemented stringent QA controls for coding and SLAs for bugs. Implemented automated QA using Robot and Selenium frameworks to reduce testing time. Implemented automated Load Testing using JMeter.
  • Innovation: Reduced time-to-build by achieving automation in software development and testing. Promoted digital transformation by converting the CEM application from Windows to SaaS. Helped increase deployment efficiency by over 90% through automation.
  • M&A Management: Participate in several M&A functions involving opportunity identification/review, Q&A sessions, and documentation of risk factors. Managed the development of payment products through the merger and acquisition of two newly purchased companies.
  • Customer Relations: Served as the key point contact for customers to get them connected with subject matter experts, ensuring prompt resolution and confirming on-time deliveries while meeting set expectations.
  • Security Compliance: Devised and deployed initiatives ensuring adherence with security standards, PCI, SOC, WCAG, and OWASP.
  • Other Doxim Positions
    • Director - R&D       Oct 2016 – Nov 2021
    • MVC Team Lead     Feb 2016 – Oct 2016
    • MVC Developer - R&D   May 2015 – Feb2016

Development Manager

July 15 2014 - May 2015 :: DigOnline.ca, London, Ontario
  • Leadership: Delivered exceptional leadership support and effective oversight of the software development team for eCommerce and custom solutions.
  • Task Management: I led the review of assigned tasks and aided account managers with quotes and project management.
  • Team Management: Led and supported team members by leveraging deep dive insight on key technologies, including Classic ASP, C#, ASP.NET WordPress, PHP, and front-end development from Adobe Illustrator to HTML, MS SQL, and MS Access.
  • Innovation: Gathered requirements, analyzed needs, and prototyped ideas/new technologies.
  • Deployment Management: Managed deployment and maintenance of internally built SaaS applications and franchise Software Systems.
  • Client Engagement: Engaged with high-value clients, including CameraCanada, Medifast, Peel CAS, and Binoculars Canada.
  • Integration: I spearheaded the planning and integration of PayPal with classic ASP sites, AWS, Amazon Marketplace, and appointment-scheduling software services.
  • Other DigOnline Positions
    • Senior Web Developer     Nov 2013 – May 2015

IT Manager

January 2012 - November 15, 2013 :: THINQ Technologies, London, Ontario
  • Leadership: Oversaw functions associated with software architecture, design, and development (ASP). Directed the entire lifecycle related to the administration of four eCommerce Sites.
  • Infrastructure Management: Steered seamless maintenance of hardware and IT infrastructure. Provided Windows and Linux support.
  • Team Management: I headed day-to-day activities involving project management, search engine optimization, analytics, disaster recovery, website and SQL optimization, data center management, infrastructure improvements, website modernization, and phone system/network management.
  • Innovation: I led the successful automation of online catalogue updates. I also managed the development and implementation of new technologies and applications, improving process efficiencies and user experiences.

Other Positions Held

  • Buckland Customs    Supervisor of Development          Apr 2007 – Apr 2009
  • Link+ Customs     Senior Developer / Support        May 2009 – Jan 2012
  • Iciniti / Conligo     Senior Web Developer/Business Needs    Apr 2004 – Apr 2007
  • Link+ Customs     Senior Developer / Support        Jan 2000 – Jan 2004
  • Executive Publications    Intermediate / Senior Developer     Jan 1997 – Jan 1999

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