Andrew Pallant

Software & Web Developer

As a Senior IT professional, I have led executive operations in software development for CRM, loan origination, account onboarding, payment processing, and reporting/analytics products across the FinTech industry. I have also established and administered SaaS and eCommerce systems for security, scalability, and infrastructure. My career has been hands-on with C#, VB.Net, Java, PHP, and many other languages. I have also worked with AWS, Azure, and private cloud environments from a DevOps perspective and architecture.

  • Experienced in e-commerce design and development. Always developing innovative solutions.
  • Outstanding success in customer support, analysis, and efficient solutions.
  • Especially well organized with a track record that demonstrates self-motivation, creativity, and initiative to achieve both personal and corporate goals.
  • Lead with Data, Driven by Passion.

Current Blog

Elevate Your Game: Embrace Task Ownership and Propel Your Software Development Career

Task ownership in software development is about more than just coding. It’s about seeing a task through from start to finish, understanding its impact on the project, and ensuring its successful implementation. This involves understanding the requirements, designing the solution, writing the code, testing it, and finally, deploying it. But it doesn’t stop there. True task ownership also means maintaining the code, fixing bugs, and making improvements; in other words, doing what is needed. There are a lot of hidden work that most people do not thing to do.

A Team’s Success Can Be Your Success

When a developer takes ownership of a team’s task, they’re not just contributing to the project—they’re demonstrating leadership, initiative, and commitment. They’re showing that they’re not just a coder, but a problem solver who’s invested in the project’s success. This can involve stepping in to help a struggling teammate, proactively identifying and addressing potential issues, or even taking the lead on a critical task.

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Skills & Offerings

Design / Build
  1. ASP.NET Web Form Applications
  2. dotNET MVC Applications
  3. Microsoft SQL Database
  4. MySQL Database
  5. AngularJS, jQuery, Javascript
  6. HTML, HTML5
  1. Amazon
  2. eBay
  3. Big Commerce
  4. EDI Feeds
  5. Banking Systems
  6. Calendar Systems
Services / Management
  1. Customized User & Client Portal
  2. Online Integrated Reporting
  3. Amazon & eBay Integration
  4. Website, Software and Database Design and Development
  5. Software and Website Testing
  6. Project Management
  7. Business and Needs Analysis.

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