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Andrew J. Pallant

* Database Developer



Dynamic 18+ year career in software design and development. I am always researching and listening to others to expand my knowledge of new technologies, methodologies and ideas in the area of Software Development and Business.

  • Experienced in e-commerce design and development. Always developing innovative solutions.
  • Outstanding success in customer support, analysis, and efficient solutions.
  • Especially well organized with a track record that demonstrates self-motivation, creativity, and initiative to achieve both personal and corporate goals.
  • Lead with Data, Driven by Passion.

Education and Training

2003 Stock Market Technical Analysis, John Copp, London, Ontario

Extensive look into how to draw and analyze stock charts. Instruction and practice in discovering trends and indicators.

2001 Introduction to .NET Programming, Microsoft, Detroit, Michigan

A highly intense look at the .NET framework and how to program in different languages. Introduction to hand held computer programming, application programming and data manipulation.

2000 Advanced Website Design, University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario

A look at what constitutes a good web design. Look at trends, colors and fonts, which promote user readability.

1999 NT Administration Certification, CompuMaster, London, Ontario

Instruction for maintaining a stable reliable system. How to calculate proper IP and subnet mask setups. How to properly plan an effective network.

1996 Computer Programming Diploma, Georgian College, London, Ontario

Extensive look at business programming, software development and design skills, including Accounting, Marketing and Co-op.

Technical Skills

Database Development
Database Design Expert
MS Access Intermediate
MySQL Intermediate
SQL2000, 2005, 2008 Intermediate
General Skills
JIRA Intermediate
Clarizen Intermediate
SVN Intermediate
SuccessFactors Beginner
Team Foundation Intermediate
Project Management Intermediate
Business and Needs Analysis Intermediate
System Design Expert
All Windows Platforms Expert
XML Expert
Linux ( Ubuntu ) Intermediate
VMWare / Citrix Xen Server Intermediate
Synergize Intermediate
ClearOS Beginer
TrixBox Intermediate
GFI Fax Server Intermediate

Professional Experience

Vice President, Software Development

Oct 2016 - Present :: Doxim, London, Ontario

The R&D team builds enterprise software used by Credit Unions and Wealth Management companies in North America. Doxim creates web-enabled FinTech solutions for loan origination, account opening and CRM, allowing our customers to scale quickly.

As the Director of R&D ( or often referred to as Engineering ), I am responsible for collecting and reporting KPI, monitoring code quality and product delivery. I also help newly acquired teams integrate into our existing toolsets and processes.

Since being promoted to the Director position, we have seen optimization gains such as shorter build times and tighter QA controls. We have achieved a regular automated build and deployment cadence to match our SLA. We have achieved a 37% performance gain in our weekly build process through our new strategies and decreased the escape bug count by 40% in the past year. I have also completed our automated build processes by using Jenkins to coordinate the tasks.

I manage internal and external teams 55 in India, London and Toronto, Ontario. I am always looking for ways to optimize the SDLC and increase quality. As an Engineering team director, I am also creating training materials for Secure Code Development ( OWASP ), Source Control and many other SDLC processes.

My current portfolio includes:

  • CRM
  • Retail and Commercial Loan Origination
  • Retail and Commercial Account Onboarding
  • Payment Processing
  • Reports & Analytics

Development Manager

July 15 2014 - May 2015 :: DigOnline.ca, London, Ontario

As the Development Manager (eCommerce & Custom Solutions), I was responsible for the development team's organization and their work. I assisted in moving projects forward by mentor Developers and supporting the Account Managers with quotes and project management. Prototyping ideas and new technologies was a large part of my day.

Senior Web Developer

November 18 2013 - May 2015 :: DigOnline.ca, London, Ontario

As a Senior Developer (eCommerce and other custom solutions), I integrated PayPal with classic ASP sites. I also integrated with services such as AWS, Amazon Market Place and appointment scheduling software services. The work that I had done allowed the customers to reach more customers with smooth workflows.

Technologies that I had used included, but not limited to:

  • Classic ASP
  • C# / ASP.NET
  • WordPress / PHP
  • Front-end development from Adobe Illustrator to HTML
  • MS SQL - Stored Procedures, Views, Functions and more
  • MS Access
I was responsible for maintaining and implementing an internally built SaaS application, Franchise Software Systems. I created and implemented customizations based on the customer's needs. I also designed and implemented a more modern UI, which also included some extensive codebase upgrade.

Client Work Includes:
  • CameraCanada
  • Medifast
  • Peel CAS
  • Binoculars Canada
  • and many more

IT Manager

2012 - November 15, 2013 :: THINQ Technologies, London, Ontario

My time with Thinq Technologies has been rewarding in many ways. I have learned much about technologies, personalities and processes. I have enhanced my knowledge of the eCommerce business greatly. Many times I must work with owners, managers, employees and contractors. I must coordinate tasks, relay information and ensure deadlines and accuracy.

As part of daily and weekly responsibilities, I had to ensure data feeds from multiple third-party suppliers and vendors. I was also responsible for this being accurate and timely to ensure uptime and proper pricing. I also managed the development and implementation of new technologies and applications to improve process efficiencies and user experiences,

Some Highlighted Tasks

  • Disaster recovery
  • Web site and SQL Optimization
  • Server maintenance
  • Data Center management
  • Company infrastructure improvements
  • Web site modernization
  • Phone system management
  • Network management
I was also responsible for developing and implementing web-based initiatives such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media. I am also involved in marketing activities because of my close work with SEO and Social Media.

Website We Supported:
  • www.directdial.com
  • www.pc-canada.com
  • www.softwarecity.ca
  • www.governmentacquisitions.ca

Senior Developer / Support ( Server, Web & Desktop Applications

2000 - 2004 / 2009 - 2012 :: Link+ Customs Broker, London, Ontario

My time with Link+ was very rewarding for me. I worked on building applications to parse EDI data into our databases. EDI data came in either raw text, encrypted packets or PDF. I also converted web applications into single-click deployment applications to improve process efficiency and user experience. My most recent activities included a fax integration, building VMWare machines and templates and application integration to UPS, FedEx and DHL. I had also built a customer portal, implemented and managed a WordPress site and helped managed the networks, servers and databases.

A highlight of my time at Link+ was a mobile application that I built to run on a barcode scanner. It was used to scan FedEx parcels as they were loaded on the truck. The scanning would request information from FedEx and then expedite the data entry by creating or starting the electronic documents. Web services were used exclusively to read and write data to the main databases. This ended up saving a large amount of time for data entry.

As a part of customer relations improvement; I had built a customer portal where the customer would be able to retrieve canned reports regarding their GST, Duties, Invoices and other account information. This was built using DotNet and integrated into the core software developed to support the customs brokerage.

Summary of Duties Duties

  • Software Improvements
  • Employee Support
  • Customer Support
  • Backups
  • Database Improvements
  • Process Improvements
  • Server Maintenance
  • Desktop Maintenance

Supervisor of Development and Lead Developer (Server, Web & Desktop Applications)

2007 - 2009 :: Buckland Customs Brokers, St. Thomas, Ontario

My duties included: code quality control, deployment and build management, task assignment and lead application and database designer and development. C#, Java, HTML ( ASP.NET ), AJAX and JavaScript are the languages that are used most often in my day.

I had also gained much experience in EDI formats such as XML, ANSIX12, Edifact and 810 formats. I was responsible for building, designing and instruction of the building of parsers and builders for many formats.

Our major project was an ASP.NET system that allows our data entry clerks to key in shipment entries, submit the entries to Canadian Customs in order to clear trucks at the border automatically.

I built a program called YAFFLE, which did three things:

  • Tracks User Activities on the local workstations. Records time logged in, logged out, locked and unlocked.
  • Used for attendance tracking
  • Used for an In/Outboard
I assisted in the design and build of a client-focused Entry Portal.

As the Lead Developer and Designer for the primary application which aids in the clearing of trucks and the borders. Responsible for assigning tasks, creating application builds, testing, code quality and the bulk of the UI and business logic development. I also played a primary role in database development. This project also had the requirement of an in-house document management system to help save costs. The document management system was done using asp.net, SQL2005 and a Microsoft Fax server.

I developed a code generator that builds C# code that represents database objects based on database objects. This code generator has decreased development time by 20% and provides a common database interface.

I built a pre-arrival system that integrates with the US Customs eManifest system.

Senior Web Developer / Business Needs Analyst (Web Applications, eCommerce)

2004 - 2007 :: ICINITI Corporation, London, Ontario

I was employed as a Senior Web Developer using ASP.NET. I was responsible for developing eCommerce solutions for large and small companies. I manage personal projects, developed new modules, support existing projects and train customers.

I often consulted with clients post-sales to determine their needs and write statements of work which are to be understood by developers and non-developers. Needs analysis became a passion and an enjoyable part of my job. I loved working with the various clients, project owners and developers.

Some awesome project that I worked on were US Shuttle, CNIB, Crabtree & Evelyn AU.

Key Achievements:

  • Help achieve a standard development product to develop websites from. Project known as BaseProduct.NET
  • Developed tools and interfaces that aid in the management of the e-commerce sites.

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