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ieGetNavigationHistory Popup Error

Physical Link: ieGetNavigationHistory Popup Error

Recently received a laptop from a friend who had a popup error every 3 seconds when using Internet Explorer 9.

The error was a simple popup with an “ok” button as its only option to continue.  The key text on the popup was “ieGetNavigationHistory” and was clearly having trouble loading that routine.

Easy Fix, but hard to find…

  1. Click on Internet Explorer ( yes you will get the ieGetNavigationHistory error, but do it anyways ).
  2. Click alt-T to enter the tools menu, or hit the alt key to click on the tools menu.
  3. Click properties
  4. Click the advanced tab
  5. Click the reset button – you do not have to click the option to delete your passwords and such.
  6. Click OK and wait for it to do its thing.
  7. Restart your browser ( on closing you may get the ieGetNavigationHistory error, but you will be okay on start-up).
  8.  Have a beer in celebration

This is another reason that I use Chrome and FireFox for most of my work.

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