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Why use LINQ

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I was asked “Why I never used LINQ?”   I guess the real answer was, I never thought about it.  I really had no good reason for not using LINQ other it was new and unfamiliar.  When I finally used LINQ; I found I was getting rid of old habits and making code simpler and cleaner.

Example of code written in C#:

foreach (Charges charge in (ary))
if (charge.ChargeDescription.ToLower().Contains("total"))

Code converted to LINQ:

var rslt = from Charges charge in ary where charge.ChargeDescription.ToLower().Contains("total") select charge;

while(rslt.Count() > 0)
Charges chargese = rslt.ElementAt(0);

To this day I still use C# with a little LINQ to simplify my code.   I use LINQ for validations, quick look up and data manipulations.  It is definitely a change from what I used to do, but worth learning.  What I like about the above code is I had eliminated the nested if without complicating the code.

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