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What are you bringing to your team

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Every team has a slacker.  Your team can be at work, on the rink, ball diamond, or your marriage.  Are you the slacker?   Why are you the slacker?  Are you listening to people other than yourself?

Everyone has the ability to listen to themselves, but are you listening to others.  If you are not listening, you are probably not contributing to your team fully.   Your team needs you.   It is not about your needs ( well may be a little ).   If you make it more about your team, you will be a better person and team player.

There are various reasons that you may not be bringing enough to your team:

  1. You may not be aware.  Try listening
  2. Your skills may not be up to snuff. You know how to learn – so do it.
  3. You are bored.   Really?   Learn something new.  Try something new.
  4. You are lazy.  Sorry, I cannot help you with that.   Look in the mirror and see if you can live with it.
  5. You do not respect your team member(s).  Why not?  Figure it out and resolve it.   Everyone has a different personality, learn the good things about that person(s)
  6. You are too quiet… sit up and use your voice.
There are many more reasons and solutions to the reasons.   You need to evaluate your position within the team.  If you are not pulling your weight or not being 100% to your ability, you are letting yourself down and your team.
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