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What I Have Learned

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I graduated college in 1996.   This was a great year for me.  I moved home where I was fed and loved by my family.  I worked for a small software company doing Visual Cobol who went bust.  I was a hard worker and never said no to an opportunity.  When the company went bust, I worked at a local concrete factory until I got into a factory automation job.   Now I am where I am and boy did I learn a lot.  Some of what I learned is from making mistakes and some I learned by mentors and leaders in my life.

What I learned from my family:

  1. Working hard always pays off in the long run.
  2. If you do not like what you are doing, find something you do enjoy
  3. Always be honest
  4. If you do not work,  you will not have money.  If you work hard, everything works out.
  5. Family will always be there in the end.

What I learned from my career:

  1. Kids out of college know more than I do about the current technology and methodologies – listen to them
  2. You cannot know everything, so listen with an open mind
  3. Own up to your mistakes, you are human
  4. Find a balance of family, friends and career – you will be happier
  5. Money is not everything, a new career with less money is often worth the opportunity
  6. You can learn anything if you listen, work hard and communicate.  Do not be afraid to ask questions
  7. Be yourself – Be true to yourself.
  8. Love what you do and your work will love you back

Some of my biggest mistakes

  1. Did not follow my heart
  2. Let my wallet decide my career path
  3. Not asking enough questions
  4. Worried too much about the future
  5. Not knowing how to communicate
  6. Did not look before I leaped – career change
  7. Not appreciate what I had or was given
  8. Everyone’s favourite : Foot In Mouth ( getting better at not doing this )

The best things I did for myself

  1. Pay for most of my own schooling
  2. Learn to work hard – parents played an important role
  3. Surround myself with people of self-worth
  4. Learn to communicate ( Toastmasters )
  5. Decide to live for my family

Take what you want from this.  Mistakes are fine if you learn from them and own up to them.  You are human.  Find a life good balance.  Listen to those around you as you cannot know everything.  Learning is a life journey that I enjoy, because I accepted the fact that I am not perfect.

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