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The Lawn Mower Woes

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Last weekend was a holiday weekend where I was supposed to get a lot of yard work done.  Part of the yard work was to cut the grass, but alas I suffered the lawn mower woes.  You may recall in October 2013 a post that I wrote entitled “HTML Will not fix the Lawn Mower“.  I followed the same steps that I wrote in fore mentioned post.  I cleaned the spark plug, squished the silver knobby thingy on the end and re-gapped it using my putty knife, but no luck.  I thought mmm… may be it is the gas ( old gas ), so I went to Canadian Tire and found an octane booster made from Jet Fuel;  That outta do it right?   Nope!   I was expecting a big bang and a really fast lawn mower or a really broken lawn mower, but nothing.  I am still suffering the lawn mower blues.

I then decided to teach my 3 year old son about spark plugs and how they work and how they create mini explosions by igniting the gas.  He said, “May be the plug is broken”!  So; off to the store to purchase a 4 dollar spark plug.  Guess what… The 3 year old was right.   Now he goes around telling everyone how he helped fix the lawn mower.

HTML will not fix the lawn mower, but a 3 year old can!  No more Lawn mower woes!

Time for a beer!


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