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Taking Time to Grow

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Happy New Year! I hope 2022 is all that much better than 2021.

Taking Time to Grow is not something that comes easily or naturally. So many of us will fill our days with meetings, phone calls and other essential tasks. If you are like me, you will block off time and give it up for others looking to book time. The latter is not suitable for personal growth.

Last year, I let Outlook block off an hour or two a day to gain focus. Funny enough, Microsoft calls this Focus Time. My struggle with this is I give it up too quickly to those who have busy calendars that do not jive with mine.

This year, I am using the time for Personal Growth and had Outlook block off smaller amounts of time, but I will not give them up. It is essential to set aside some time to work on yourself. When you work on yourself or take the time to grow, you will ultimately do better in your personal and professional life.

Some of the things I will do are;

  1. Listen to a pod cast
  2. Write a journal entry ( like this blog )
  3. Do an online course ( LinkedIn Learning, Code Accademy or other )
  4. Read a book ( my favourite this year was Multipliers by Liz Wiseman )
  5. Chat with a friend
  6. Take a walk
  7. Workout in the gym
  8. Take a nap ( especially if I am not feeling well )

Working from home makes all the above easy and challenging; it is too easy to stay at our desk, kitchen table, bed, or sofa. Taking a break will help you grow, relax, focus and be more satisfied. Your boss, family, and body will thank you for taking the time.

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