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Stop Spending Good Money On Mobile Sites

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For about 4 years I have been preaching to my customers why they do not need a mobile site. Instead, it is better to spend money on a responsive site. If you are getting your site done or redone, find a designer who will give you a responsive site. A responsive site should not cost you more and it should be the only solution.

Response SiteIf someone tries to get you to buy a responsive design as an option, move on. It should not be an option.  The only option is to build a site properly from beginning to end.

If someone tries to sell you a mobile site, run! Run fast and do not look back. It is a waste of money.  A new argument has recently surfaced for not using a mobile site. Google is going to start to warn people when sites are going to redirect them to a site other than the one they asked for: click to read

If a site is done properly; it will look good on a mobile device, a tablet, a laptop and a desktop. This should not be an extra cost and it should not be an option. You are paying good money to get it done and you should expect the designers and developers to be up on modern technologies and methodologies.  Most designers have created their own frameworks or use existing frameworks to build your websites quicker.  Once a designer / developer has their template, it takes no extra time to build your site properly and therefore not cost you anymore.

Mobile Sites are no longer a buzz phrase…   Stop Spending Good Money on a Mobile Site.

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