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Published Books on Amazon

Physical Link: Published Books on Amazon

As a personal experiment, I am creating books that are published as purchased by Amazon. These books will vary from topic and format. Most of these books will be in the form of a journal, diary and planners.

5-Minute Daily Journal Click To View
This is a simple 5 minute journal to record your feelings and learnings for the day.

This particular journal gives you an opportunity to express your thoughts visually through drawing as well as writing.

Beer Journal Click To View
Liked a beer, but cannot remember where or when you tried it?

I have experienced this many times and wish I had written down what I liked about it. I often took pictures of beers that I liked, but I cannot remember what I liked about it. I created this journal for myself, but I believe others could enjoy journaling their beer journey as much as I have.

In 102 pages, journal your experiences of your beer journeys and never forget again.

Wellness Journal Click To View
Journal your way to wellness by understanding your day.

  • What are you grateful for?
  • Set a daily affirmation for yourself to live each day.
  • Record what happened during you day.
  • Food / Water Record Keeping
  • Your Daily Reflections

Pages are beautifully designed to encourage daily use.

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