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Project Manager – Team Lead – Manager of Development

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I have been asked a few times for resources and tips for a new Project Manager, Team Lead, Manager of Development type position.
My tips are a generalization as I can pull out more resources for certain situations.

1. Have an open door
2. Don’t tell your team everything that you know. Be selective
3. Be positive in all your dealings
4. Lead by example. Do not ask your team to do anything you would not.
5. Speak clearly
6. If a developer says it will take a week, say two. If a developer says a month, say 6 weeks. Always buffer time.
7. Be real with expectations
8. Be kind, not too strict, but strict enough
9. Careful planning of project details
10. Listen to those above you and below you. You will learn stuff from everyone.
11. You are not the end all be all.
12. Fight for those who deserve it, help those who need it
13. Stay Organized
14. Meet with your team weekly with an agenda, so everyone can be prepared
15. Know what your superiors want from you
16. Know your place
17. Make sure you keep developing
18. Code reviews are a must, even yours ( can be fun for the team )
19. Earn your trust, trust your team
20. Know each team member’s strengths and use them. You cannot be everything to everyone
21. Failure is always an option – learn from each failure and success
22. Reflect on everyone project as there is always something to learn
23. Find a mentor or mentors – they can be good sounding boards

Online Resources 

Books to Read 
Project Management in a Week By Mark Brown
Survival is Not Enough By Seth Godin
Made in Canada Leadership By Amal; Morissette, Francoise Henein

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