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Podcasts I Follow

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These are the Podcasts I follow and listen to most often. They range from business, design and general interests. They are not ranked in an particular order, but my favourite is James Altucher and Jordan Harbinger. I would challenge everyone to listen to one or both of these regularly.

James Altucher ( https://jamesaltucher.com/category/the-james-altucher-show/ )

This is not your typical business podcast ( I think that is in their intro ). James has guests from all walks of life talking about life skills, investing, business and so much more. James Altucher has won and lost and knows both sides of life very well. More recently because of a personal interest in comedy, he has been interview more comedians which oddly enough has a lot to with life skills.

The Boagworld UX Show ( https://boagworld.com/show/ )

If you are a application or web designer of any kind, this is a podcast for you. They talk about business, personal growth, design principals, new technology and so much more. They coach, train and deliver content to grow a designer on all levels.

Futility Closet ( https://www.futilitycloset.com/category/podcast/ )

This is a good interesting podcast. It is a general interest podcast about historical stories that you probably have not heard before. The narration is very easy to listen to. Good show to unwind to.

The Jordan Harbinger Show ( https://www.jordanharbinger.com/podcast/ )

The majority of the topics is life changing for me. I have enjoyed listening to Jordan and his guests even when the topics lack interests to me. It is a business and personal development podcast for which is very practical and applicable to every day life. My favourite is the feedback Fridays where guests write in and he and/or a guest answers them ( anonymously ). Jordan is a long time pod-caster, but he started as a Wall Street Lawyer. He has seen and experienced a lot that most of us have never. Always a good listen.

The Moth ( https://themoth.org/podcast )

The Moth is a general interest podcasts. They are hosted all over the world. The stories told here are personal stories by mostly amateur speakers. This is a must listen for any Toastmaster who wishes to expand their speaking skills.

The Tony Robbins Podcast ( https://www.tonyrobbins.com/podcasts/ )

It’s Tony Robbins; what more can I say!

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