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Personal Branding

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Andrew Pallant - LdnDeveloper
Andrew Pallant – LdnDeveloper
I am not a marketing person, but I do believe in personal branding. How I display myself professionally in my networks is who I am. My personal branding is consistent throughout everything I do so that people have something to tie myself to. It is remember able and I know this because people have told me the know me through my personal branding.

How I Do It

My personal branding is a simple caricature, but it was done by an artist/marketing friend. My personal branding is on everything I do at home, at work and on my websites. If I do a talk for a group of people; no matter who it is, my personal branding is on my materials.

Why I Do It

I believe every day is a sales opportunity. I am selling myself, my skills, my voice, my network of good people. No matter what my day is, I am selling something to someone. My personal branding helps me sell myself. It is not always my logo as my personal branding is also me. My uniqueness, my attire, my character and how I present myself.

My personal branding is me. It is my face, it is how I carry myself.

      What is your personal brand?
      Are you recognizable?
      What are you selling today and to whom are you are selling it?

Feel free to contact me to discuss more about how you can sell yourself and how to create your personal brand.

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