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New Year – Fresh Start

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2012 is a new year and for many, a fresh start.   I see 2012 as an opportunity to do something new, start fresh on other items and a chance to turn a new leaf.  Often, your colleagues, bosses and friends whom known you for a long time and will not allow you to turn a new leaf; Do it anyways!   Push forward in making yourself a better person this year.  Do not let others hold you back.  This is your chance to rid yourself of bad habits, learn something new, implement new ideas and grow as a person.

I have set many goals for 2012 for myself.  Some are personal and others are going to be professional.  Some of my goals will be revealed as we get into 2012 and others will be noticeable right away.  Some people will be surprised and others will probably be disappointed.   I am gearing up for a good year of many changes, but I cannot share everything right now.

What are you doing for 2012?  Are you going to learn a new skill, a new language or cut back on drinking?  May be you will try to read more, exercise more or change jobs.  Whatever you do, do it for you and your family.  Do it with an open mind and heart.

Enjoy your 2012.

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