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New Project or Team Manager – First Two Weeks

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There are plenty of tasks a person could do in their first two weeks as a new Project or Team Manager.  I have isolated some of the more important tasks that need to be addressed in the first two weeks of starting the new position.  Mind you these can vary depending on the size of team and the discussions with your new superior.

  1. Discuss your role and management styles with new superior.  Ensure you are both on the same page.
  2. Become intimate with company policies
  3. Get to know everyone on the team including their name, responsibilities
    and what they have done in the past
  4. Review all project descriptions and time lines
  5. Find out what each team member is currently working on and where they are in the time lines
  6. Compare where each team member is at on the time lines with the actual time line
  7. Discuss progress with My Boss
  8. Team Meeting
    • discuss priorities
    • discuss what everyone’s expectation is.
    • discuss what I expect of them
    •  ideas to get the projects back on track
    • look for team suggestions
  9. Discuss progress with my superior
  10. Meet with each member
    •  – discuss where they are in the project
    •  – together figure out how to advance in a more efficient way
    •  – set some realistic goals
  11. Discuss progress with my superior
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