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New Appreciation for Apple Products

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A few years back, one of my customers sent my wife an IPad. There was a note that had said Happy Wife, Happy Life, You keep me happy. From that point our lives were changed for ever. Up until this time our house was 100% a PC family.

Since that first iPad we have purchased a few more apple products and finally recently I received a new iPad for my birthday. Watching my daughter read books (seriously), play games and other activities; I noticed how easy it was for her to use. That was still not convincing to me. What convinced me was FaceTime. Watching my family talk to their cousin inToronto for free was priceless. FaceTime is quickly changing how we communicate. This is where technology is at. Big Kudos to Apple for bringing us FaceTime.

The other thing Apple did for my family was it integrated all of our schedules and contacts. We are a Google family first, but this took our Google experiences to the next level. I am still Android user, but mostly because I am too cheap to buy a data plan and new phone. I can see someday that we may become a 60% Apple family or even an 80% family seeing it is mostly my business activities that are PC based. May be it is time to move business towards a more generic platform.

Apple is you are listening, I would gladly accept a iPhone and Mac computer or laptop to help make this transition. Seriously though, the few Apple products that we have, has changed us.

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