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Leaving a Job – Integrity

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This past week I had finished my position at an undisclosed company. It seemed to go fairly smoothly. I worked hard all week, tried to ensure my boss was comfortable and tried to fix as many issues as possible.

I learned that integrity is most important in this situation.

Integrity is honesty, truthfulness and accuracy of one’s actions, values and ethics. Integrity is regarded in business and the working world as almost as important as a skill set. It is one’s integrity that defines how much that person can be trusted and how much that person is looked up to. Most of our famous leaders; such as Winston Churchill had unfailing integrity and that is what made them trusted and great leaders. You cannot be a great leader when the people you are leading cannot trust you.

When leaving a position in a company it is important to keep you integrity in tact. It is very easy to get into a groove of not caring as your time runs out. It takes work to ensure that you do not get in the groove of slacking, but it is worth it.

I have worked for the same company twice. I would not have had that opportunity had I not maintained integrity. You never know when you will need to call old relationships.

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