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Physical Link: Journaling

Journaling is something that I have been doing off and on for a while.  I journal using low-tech methods.  I have a leather bound book and a nice pen.  I love my pens.  I used to have fountain pens, but I have no idea where to buy the pens or ink anymore.  I think chosing my low-tech method is more appealing to me since everything else I do is high-tech.  There is something to be said about mixing things up a bit, and I believe it makes my journal time more my personal time.Everyone has their ways and methods of journaling.  Many people journal on line in forms of blogs.  Facebook is another form of journaling that includes pictures, personal thoughts and video.  Social media in it’s traditional form is a method of journaling.

When I write in my journal I ask the the following truthfully:

1. What did I learn today?  This question will include everything positive and negative, but since it is learning; it will always have a positive twist to it.  I believe by writing about my learning experiences, that it will commit them to my memory.  I want to remember these.

2. What can I work on?  This question help me reflect on the trials of the day.  When I have figure out the answer to this category, I can add them to the “What did I learn today?” category.  These questions are everything that frustrates me, I do not have answers for or generally the troubles of the day.

3. What were my success today?  This is my celebration of positivity for the day.  This is a way to celebrate everything that went right today.  Sometimes it is the small things, but they add up to making the day good.  I always end with this category of questions to help build up, what may have been a bad or blah day.

Journaling is my way of learning, growing and being positive about my every day.  Sometimes it is personal.  Other times it is professional growth.  Either way it is my way.

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