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Javascript equalsIgnoreCase Function

Physical Link: Javascript equalsIgnoreCase Function

This week’s code sample is JAVASCRIPT based. I found this while researching user validation routines. This function is a javascript version of a common Java function. We have replicated the calling syntax as a java programmer would expect to use it by effectively appending it as a method of the javascript String Object.

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Important Note: Works with IE and FireFox

//The first line assigns the MatchIgnoreCase function as 
//an equalsIgnoreCase method of the String object 

String.prototype.equalsIgnoreCase = MatchIgnoreCase; 

function MatchIgnoreCase(strTerm, strToSearch) 
	strToSearch = strToSearch.toLowerCase(); 
	strTerm = strTerm.toLowerCase(); 
		return true; 
	} else { 
		return false; 
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