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Integrity With First Contact

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I post this with great reservation, but I feel it is important.

It is very exciting when you receive that initial call from a Human Resource department or a manager, but be careful.  Integrity starts with that first contact.  I very rarely, as tempting as it may be take an interview during business hours.  You have to think about where your priorities lie and who currently employs you.  The recruiter may not recognize it at first ( or ever ), but you are a good employee if you try to arrange times outside of your work time. Every employer should want a good employee.

I do this for two reasons: 

  1. My team needs me and my first obligation is to my current employer.  This is where my integrity begins.  My employer pays me 9 – 5 and I owe it to them to be there 9 -5.  I am responsible for projects and my employees.  Lunch, after hours and the occasional early morning meeting can be done and are very welcomed.
  2. Would you want me to be job searching on your time if I worked for you?  Not likely.  I would think you would be very annoyed to know I was looking on your dime or left the team hanging for my own gain.  I would not want my employees to leave me hanging.

Have I missed out on opportunities?  Yes!  Of course I have missed opportunities, but how good were those opportunities if they do not understand why your priorities are what they are.  I believe if they respect you and the opportunity they will do their best to work with you and appreciate your loyalty to those who currently employ you.

If you want someone who puts priority to their employer, the team and the projects;  I am your guy.  If you want someone who will ditch work and put themselves first; I am not your guy.

If you get the call; think about where you stand before accepting an interview during business hours.

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