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Importance of Downtime

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Everyone always say they are too busy for time off.   Some people say that you should not have as much time of as you do.  If I did not take my vacation that I am allowed, I could not be as productive.  Some of my best creativity and thoughts come as I am off on vacation.   Yes;  time of means no work, but I still take a notepad with me.  I am constantly writing down ideas and drawing out user interfaces.  It doesn’t matter if I am laying at the beach or  relaxing at home, there is always a notepad beside me.  It is downtime that helps my creative juices be released.  Everyday while I am at work, I am too busy to do anything other than what needs to be done; there is no time for creativity.

Downtime is also good for balance.   You need time away from the stresses and time with the family and friends.  It is important to do things that take you out of the ordinary routine of your busy life.  Today I took my family to the Toronto Zoo.  The smiles and giggles were unending and the memories will carry me into the next month easily.  The family grounded me and brought me back to state of normality.

Can you keep working everyday for an entire year with a week off?  Not likely  a person; who works 9 – 5 or more in a 6 – 7 day per week in a job will never be productive, friendly, patient or creative.  You need the break; you really do.  In the computer field, you should have a minimum 2 -3 weeks off; 3 – 4 is ideal as you have put your years in.  If your company tries to deny you a proper break or vacation,  you may want to re-think your priorities.   You need the balance and a chance to recharge your brain and energy.  

When applying for a job; vacation has been a sticking point for negations.  I believe I need 3 – 4 weeks and would rather compromise on other items.   I have been a developer since 1996, and I do a great job, but I need my vacation.  I need the balance and so do you.  Take your breaks, ask for your vacations and live a more balanced life.

Downtime equals productivity and happiness

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