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How To Be Awesome

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Being awesome is not the same as being perfect.  Being perfect is not possible, so you may as well shake that notion out of your head.  Being awesome is being the best you can be.  It is bringing everything you have to the table and doing it well.  You cannot be good at everything, so be awesome with what you enjoy and what you know you are good at.
There are reasons people do what they do and it is because they are good at it.  I am not good at plumbing and I know that I am not, so I hire it out.  If I chose to do plumbing, I would sit down and learn it until I know it.   I would look up to see what the building codes say.  I would watch how to movies.  Practicing soldering on small pieces of pipe would probably even happen.  I would be the best I can be for this job and learn everything I can about it.   I would be awesome.
Everyday I go to work and do the best that I can.  I work hard, learn new technologies and listen to everyone around me.   I work hard at being a leader and being a team member.   I take my time and do a good job.   I am awesome with the work I do, because it is the best I can do you.
Steps to Being Awesome
  1. Know your subject, read, watch videos, ask those who know

  2. Be in the right frame of mind.  Shake off the nerves, the stresses and give the job or project 100% of your focus

  3. Don’t limit yourself.  You can do anything if you put your mind to it.  Look past what your limits and reach for the sky.
  1. Listen to people.   There are a lot of people around you that know stuff.  You cannot know everything, but you can know what you need to know.  Use knowledge found around you to help you.  Being awesome is all about attitude.
  1. Remember – There is no such thing as perfect.
  1. Practice, Practice, Practice.   Practicing every day will help you do better every day.  Without practice you are limited to the abilities you hold today.
  1. Learn from your failures.  Failures only mean there is another way.  Search out the other way and try it.  You may fail multiple times before you find the right way.
  1. There is always someone who says you cannot do it.   Ignore it.  Use it as a prompt to only try harder.   If it is getting to you, pause take a break.   Proceed when your head is clear.
Learn something new every day.  I can be learning something to build on what you already know, or learn something totally new.  Learn it well, practice it and do not move on until you have a good grasp of it.   If it takes longer than a day, don’t fret, it will be worth it.
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