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How Social Media Can Help You Attract Business

Physical Link: How Social Media Can Help You Attract Business

Social media is new. It’s vey new, but it is not going away. If used correctly, social media has the ability to boost your web business.
There are many forms of social media and each is very different.

Twitter is a great way to get short messages out to the masses. It limits the number of characters you can type and therefore keeps you more focused. Twitter can be used to publish links to your website, blog entries or simply new product and services announcements. To make the most of Twitter, you should make use of hashtags. Hashtags are a way to categorize your tweets (messages sent through Twitter). A great resource of researching hashtags is hashtags.org. It is important to use hashtags appropriately to focus on the correct group of people.

Facebook is a great way to advertise a retail or community focused service. For business to business services and products; Facebook may not be the right venue. It can never hurt to use Facebook for business to business purposes.

To create a Facebook presence, you need to create a Facebook Page. The Facebook page will allow you to post images, news articles and other media types that will get the attention of your audience. Post daily to keep the audience engaged. A “like” us contest could help draw people in. A “like” us contest is when someone likes the page, you put their name in a draw and you do this for a specified time period.

Blogging is a great way to review product and services, spread news about the company or feature trends. Blogging should relate to your company and feature links to products and services on your website. Not all blog postings will be able to feature links, but you should try. Be sure not to feature a competitor. Even bad press can be spun into good press. Keep your blogs focused and try not to flip around too often. Some blogging services that work well is WordPress, Blogger and Tumbler.

Social Media takes very little investment in time and personnel, but it is often over looked. Sometimes it takes a younger generation to manage this initiative. Marketing departments are often a good fit for these initiatives. Do not be afraid of Social Media, if used correctly, you can boost business.

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