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How I Achieved Decent Search Ranking

Physical Link: How I Achieved Decent Search Ranking

I recently showed my hit stats for my website to a friend, which include the GOOGLE and Yahoo queries. I was asked how I achieved my ranking. I typically see a rank between 3 and 20, which I consider respectable. Most of my ranking is under 10, which is really good.   I am actually surprised how people find me as it can be a very obscure search.

Could it be better? Probably, but this seems to work for me

Example ( real rankings 11/03/2011 ):
Ranking 22: www.google.co.uk — c#/ .net blogs in london + cv
Ranking 02: www.google.ca — software developer london ontario
Ranking 05: www.google.com — how to use equalsignorecase in javascript
Ranking 01: wwww.google.lv — excel interop in web service
Ranking 14: www.google.ca — london ontario computer programmer

Here is how:
1. Fresh Content ( Blog, Twitter Feed, Other Dynamic Content )
2. Have description and keyword meta tags relevant to your content on the page ( Each Page should be unique )
3. Put title attributes on links / menu items
4. Put alt attributes on images describing the image
5. Have unique titles on each page
6. Do not use tables to structure your web page
7. Use H1 and H2 tags for page and paragraph titles
8. Optimize your webpage and images for speed.
9. Have a site map ( link page ) outlining links to your content
10. Use GOOGLE’s and Yahoo’s webmaster tools for site maps and analytics
11. Use and understand GOOGLE Analytics tool
12. Have other sites link back to you that our relevant to your site.
13. Use Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook to promote your fresh content.

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