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HTML Will not fix the Lawn Mower

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HTML will not fix the lawn mower. No matter how much I can write code, what I know will not fix my lawn mower. I checked the oil. I checked the gas. I pulled the cord of the single pull lawn mower until I had blisters and skin missing from one poor finger. Last thing to check…

Check the spark plug. gently remove the plug. You may notice it is black from never being looked at. Guess what? You need to check it from time to time.

I lightly sanded the black until it brilliantly shined with a color of silver. It was as clean as a kitchen knife.

I then blew it out with a can of compressed air that I have for cleaning computers. Bingo – Clean.

Now to gap the plug. this is the space between the little silver piece of metal and a little piece of round metal in the center. ( I know technical eh? ). Do not expect small engine repair terms from me, I am a Web and Software Developer, not a mechanic. I figured this out on my own ( no book or YouTube ). Anyways, I remember from my high school shop class something about a gap. So I squished the two together to remove the existing gap. I then took my utility knife and gently made a new gap about the width of my blade. It looked too wide, so I squished it just a little ( carefully ).

Take the plug gently place it back in the whole where it came from. Finger tighten it as to not strip the threads. Now take that hand dandy wrench and snug it up.

Mine started first try – both times. The first time I missed the wrench to snug it up step and so the plug loosened and fell in the yard.

At any rate, the mower is fixed and this is how it was to be done by a Software Developer in London.

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