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February Recap – jQuery Made Simple

Physical Link: February Recap – jQuery Made Simple

February is a month that I made jQuery made Simple examples that helped me at to my library and hopefully will help you.  I typically try not to use jQuery libraries or plugins as I feel it is often easy enough for me to do quickly and allows me stretch my creativity and increase my skill-set.  I fee it is important to practice or you loose it.

You may use all of my examples free with no strings attached.

All of my examples use no additional libraries or plugins.  Just basic jQuery!

Here are the examples created in February:

Easy jQuery Modal Prompt:  http://andrewpallant.ca/wordpress/jquery-modal-prompt/

Simple jQuery Tabbed Menu Bar:  http://andrewpallant.ca/wordpress/simple-jquery-menu/

Simple to Customize jQuery Folder Tree:  http://andrewpallant.ca/wordpress/jquery-folder-tree-menu/

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