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Facepalm – Do Not Rehash

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Facepalm – Do Not Rehash!

Too many companies these days have a social media person on staff. This social media person is often a person who has been in some form of Journalism or Marketing and fell into the positions of Social Media Manager. This is not a blog entry to bash the social media person, but to open the eyes of the companies who are hiring these people. Companies should be feeding their Social Media Managers their experiences. Social Media Managers should be seeking the experiences from their surroundings.

Facepalm Definition:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Facepalm

I have been finding a lot of social media professionals ( including myself at times ) rehashing something they had read. Facepalm – Please Do Not Rehash another blog! If you rehash a blog entry to make it your own, that is ok… BUT, did you experience it? OR Did you just find the article interesting or relevant to your business?

Think about it!

Is it more genuine if you had experienced it? When I say “you had experienced it”, you can interview a fellow staffers, colleagues, friends or someone in the industry. Being more genuine makes you more likeable. Being more genuine makes you more trusted. Makes you more of an authority of what you just wrote about. You experienced it and therefore you are writing about your experience; how can it be wrong? People should be able to ask you questions and you can answer it intelligently.

If you have not experienced what you are blogging about, you cannot speak truthfully about it. People know this as they had probably already read it themselves somewhere else. Chances are in your industry, you ( your company ) have experienced enough to keep a complete blog role.

Just because you read it doesn’t make it true. Make it yours, educate and share from your experiences.

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