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Eleven Items That Makes a Developer Great

Physical Link: Eleven Items That Makes a Developer Great

Here are a few items that makes a software / web developer great:

Updated to twelve items thanks to some input.

  1. Knowing they are not perfect
  2. Listens to business needs
  3. Always evolving by striving to do better
  4. Never hides a mistake, but acknowledges and learns from it
  5. Does not blame the user for the error
  6. Always tries to learn something new
  7. Makes notes
  8. Listens to teammates
  9. Does not blame the previous developer
  10. Willing to dive in and do the work no matter what
  11. Ask questions when they do not know [ Shawn Adamsson rTraction  ]
  12. Thinks and plans before coding. Know where you’re expected to go and plan the path to get there carefully Shawn Adamsson rTraction  ]
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