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Do You Hear What I Hear

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Do you hear what I hear? Probably not! During meetings and conversations people are saying a lot and often times we are itching to talk. Many of us over speak the other person. I had a boss a few years back mention this to me as something I had to grow on and that is exactly what I did.

I have discovered that I was missing a lot. There are plenty of people around me who know more than I do and have something to show me or teach me if I just listen. Joining Toastmasters was the first step for me in the direction of learning to listen. Communication skills do not stop at just talking. Communication skills include talking, presentations, listening and evaluating. The cream of the crop will be able to listen, evaluate and talk on their feet without interrupting the other person or persons (there are very few people). It is a very difficult skill to master and I catch myself with friends over talking them.

When you humble yourself and wait, you will hear stuff that you may be able to learn from. A lot of people have knowledge that you do not. You cannot know everything. When you discover you cannot know everything, you will listen more, discover who you can ask questions to and ultimately you and your team will be more productive.

Do you hear what I hear? Stop – and Listen!

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