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Currently on my Bookshelf

Physical Link: Currently on my Bookshelf

This past month ( December 2012 ), I have been doing a lot of reading and research in to books that I want to read.

Here is what I have been reading this month.

  • Start-up Expert by Alistair Milne
  • Social Media Marketing for Publishers by Liz Murray
  • Mining the Social Web by Matthew a Russell
  • Think and Grow Rich by Greg Habstritt & Napoleon Hill
  • Steve Job’s Agenda by Harry Wessling
  • JavaScript and HTML5 Now by Kyle Simpson
  • How to Create Your Own Apps Business by Intel
  • What is HTML5? by Brett Mclaughlin

Next to Read in January

  • What is Node? by Brett Mclaughlin
  • Accessible EPUB 3 by Matt Garrish
  • What is EPUB 3? by Matt Garrish
  • What is Writing by Johannah Rodgers
  • 10 Top Writing Tips: Discover the Writer in You by Dee White
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