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Creativity and Love Flows in London

Physical Link: Creativity and Love Flows in London

London Ontario boasts creativity and cutting edge ideas with companies like rTraction, Voices.com, Echidna and many others.   These companies are bleeding edge when it comes to employee management, project management and their technologies and methodologies.   I have seen many good things come from these companies and believe London Ontario should be applauded for its support in the technology sector.

Between foosball, MeetUps, OpenData and the UnLab activities, these companies share a bond, that only the technology world can understand.   These companies together will put London Ontario on the same playing field with other technology centres of Ontario, Canada and the rest of the world.  Socially London tech companies are more advanced.  They see the trends and move with and ahead of them at a rapid pace.

I have also noticed a new trend of technology companies in London also getting actively involved social causes, like reforesting, helping homeless, helping students, garbage clean-up and much more.  These people and organizations love London, they love Ontario and they love Canada.  Even politics tend to be a centre point of beliefs and passions for employees and leaders of the tech community.

Now, I have mentioned the tech companies, but it is not without the employees, will these companies advance on to the world stage.  The employees are the heart and soul of the companies that support the leaders of these companies.  These employees are independently trying new ideas and concepts through the support of their employers. These people are truly amazing with their talents.  London has some of the best technology employees around.

Aaron McGowan, is another person to be watching who makes up our community.  Aaron is a champion for OpenData which is a moving trend with our local governments to share data with the development world.  He is full of passion to have more data open to everyone to use and develop software freely.

Applaud the tech community, join in the social movements and hug a geek today.   It is not without each other can we move forward to do even greater things.

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