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Brother 420CN – Fuzzy Printing

Physical Link: Brother 420CN – Fuzzy Printing

If you have a lack of one (0r more) color do the following:

  • Make sure all carts are full, placed well and are secured. 
  • Insert a new original brother cartridge for the one that shows no color.
  • Press menu then start bk-copy
  • Press four times arrow up quick after another
  • The printer will switch into maintenance mode and all lights will flash.
  • Press 7 then 6 then 4 then start bk-copy.
  • The printer will initialize the cartridges and refresh ink within tubes and print head. After that it does some power cleaning.
  • When finished press 7 then 6 then 3 then start bk-copy.  The printer will run a power purge. 
  • When finished press 9 then 9 to leave the maintenance mode. do run a quality test print.

Repeat until desired results.

updated: 12/1/2013
Newer printers can use the following guide to access the maintenance menu: http://www.refreshcartridges.co.uk/igloo/how-to-the-reset-purge-counter-on-a-brother-printer-with-a-numerical-pad/

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