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Are You Everything That You Can Be

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Upon personal reflection, I realized that I could be more.  I have been putting my time and energy into the wrong things.  Watching TV, internet surfing and generally mucking around.  This weekend I spent hanging out with my one year old son, watching the Jack Layton state funeral and reading a library book: Made in Canada Leadership.   I suddenly feel inspired to do something different.

Are you everything that you can be?  Not yet, but I am going to work on it.   Will not happen over night, but I will certainly aim for it.  I decided the first step is to understand what is happening in London by setting my PVR for the council meetings.  A little education will help.

Now ask yourself the same thing:  Are you everything that you can be?  You cannot be everything overnight, but you can strive for it as a personal goal.

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