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All The Small Things

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All the small things are often forgotten. In software development we are taught to take a large problem and break it down to its smallest component. Often as software developer we can make a daunting task less complicated by following the smallest component rule. This is the same in life. Did you know life can be broken down to its smallest component?

It’s amazing how complicated we make our lives. Even worse, it is amazing all the small things that we do not notice that enrich our lives. Some of the small things I am thinking of today is the hummingbirds buzzing in the family room window, or the door that was held for you today when your arms were full. It is the small things that we take for granted, but are the building blocks of a fuller life. We need to learn to put our technology aside and reflect and enjoy the little joys that nature and people bring to our lives. A simple thank you goes a long ways to enriching someone’s life or even your life. It feels good to say thank you rather than just moving on and it is even better to receive the thank you.

When the small things are considered, the larger problems don’t seem so bad. When small things are appreciated, you will find yourself also holding the door for someone else, saying thank you or buying the person next in line a coffee.

Forget the big things that complicate your life, but start to look at all the small things that build up your life. Life is often better when broken down to its finer detail. Give someone you love a hug or a phone call. Say thank you to the next person who does something nice for you.

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