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A Quest to Learn AngularJS

Physical Link: A Quest to Learn AngularJS

I recently got excited about AngularJS.  I took a pretty good course through CodeSchool for which you can find a link off of the AngularJS home page.  Since then I had been playing with and scouting out AngularJS ideas that I can build something with worth while.  There is no better way to learn than by doing.  Then I thought; what about the weather?  I had already built a real basic weather page using ASP.NET and C#, I wonder how hard it would be to build an AngularJS example.  I did not know how to connect AngularJS to a web service though.  Google has everything! So I looked for an example of AngularJS and OpenWeatherMap for which I had found.  It did not take long to find my solution.

My Original Weather Page: http://www.ldndeveloper.com/weather.aspx

My Angular Weather: http://www.ldndeveloper.com/angular/weather.aspx

Angular WeatherThe example that I start with was:  https://gist.github.com/robhurring/6074128

Rob Hurring’s example was good, but not complete.  It was missing how all of the pieces fit together.  It was also missing a few bits of pieces that makes it better for a user.  It was a great starting point.

I took his example and made it a little more robust.  I added code that if I could not auto-detect your location, I would default it to my city (London, ON).  I had also added the ability to change city ( although simple list ).

This example feels like it may be complete now.  Or is it?

Stay tuned to see what else can be done with this example – I have my thinking cap on.

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