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3 Statements that Should Cause a Call to Action

Physical Link: 3 Statements that Should Cause a Call to Action

“My site is dropping ranks in Google! I used to be on the first page! I am getting really nervous!”

“Of course you should be nervous. You have not done anything to update your SEO in years and your website design changed drastically.”

“We have been good for years, why would I change anything”

“Google, Bing and most other search engines had changed their rules and tolerances many times in the last 10 years.”

“How do you know?”

“It is my job to know.  I actually follow a lot of SEO news, read many blogs and follow Google and Bing closely.  It is a constant learning experience that never gets boring.”

“How do I know that you won’t f*ck it up and make me lose my rankings.”

“You are already losing your rankings – you told me so. You really need to work at this and maintain it.   If you do not trust me, find someone you do.  Just make sure they know what they are doing.  Ask questions and make sure it is not a mystery to you of what they are doing.”

“Well, I never worried about it before, why should I now?”

Endless Conversation Loop

Note: Search engines are constantly changing their optimization formulae and always revising their tolerances. If you do not keep up, you will eventually be dropped. Once dropped, it is more difficult to regain that ranking. This is not a how-to blog, but rather a wakeup call to pay attention to your current SEO scores and know what is going on. If you do not understand, find someone who does. There are a lot of good professionals out there, but beware of those who promise huge gains and does not follow-up after the initial work. It is a constant job to review and fix; especially if your content changes regularly.

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